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Procedure & Services

It all begins with a strong foundation. What is the foundation of every living person on this planet? Our cells. When our cells are functioning as they should they can overcome almost every obstacle. So needless to say, the war for our health begins and ends simply with our cells.


In order to fully understand your health a comprehensive blood analysis should be utilized. This blood test is very extensive but will allow us to see all the factors contributing to your health and will even tell us why the things you have tried in the past do not get you better. (See a sample blood test here.)

Once the blood test is received, we go over your results with you and design a specific plan geared to getting you back to optimal health and wellness. This will include dietary changes and supplementation as well as lifestyle changes (exercises, sleep etc.)

Gone are the days where we guess what supplements could help you. The comprehensive 

blood analysis will give us the exact information we need so that we apply the correct supplementation that will target exactly what is hindering your health. How the supplementation works is by targeting the cells and their membranes, enhancing absorption and detoxification which in turn allow them to repair and function at a much higher level.  This creates a cascading effect known as a “trickle up” method.  Improving cellular health improves tissue of the body. Improving the tissue of the body improves organ function. When organs function better you now have better improved, overall health of the body.

 Final phase could include immune work if needed. Immune work allows us to specifically target the immune system to calm it down so that it isn’t hindering your cells.  However, the beauty of the blood work and supplementation is that by utilizing the correct supplements needed for your cells and body, immune work may not even be needed at all. Remember your cells are the foundation and when they are working like they are supposed to, improvement will “trickle up” into the rest of body, allowing it to heal.


Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis - Standard blood tests only check to see if you have a disease. A comprehensive wellness blood chemistry panel is very different. It assesses where you are compared to optimal results so if you aren't feeling up to par then this test should be able to give you some good answers as to why and what needs to be done so that you can feel the best you can as well as possibly preventing future diseases.  

 MyoKinesthetic System - For muscle/joint pain, headaches, sciatica, sinuses, TMJ, bulging or herniated discs, Plantar Fasciitis etc.  - MyoKinesthetic is a safe and simple technique utilizing muscle stretching and stimulation to balance the nervous system. Whether you are young with poor posture or mature with severe pain, athlete or average joe this technique is tailored to you so that no matter the circumstances you can receive the care you need to get you back to your optimal level.

Lymphatic Work – Whether its allergy season or cold season, your sinuses can be in extreme pain and discomfort leading to headaches, sore throats, neck stiffness etc. Lymphatic drainage can work to alleviate these symptoms and get your sinuses back on track.

Immune/Detox Support - Lyme, Heavy Metals, Epstein Barr Virus, Mold, Strep etc. Using Applied Kinesiology to determine what can be holding your health back and what treatment is needed to aid the immune system to get to your optimal health.


BIA Testing – BIA, or bioelectric impedance analysis, is a fast, accurate and safe way to measure six key body composition elements. Through the study of the electrical properties of the body and their changes over time, health professionals can easily measure clients’ overall health and quickly chart their progress. BIA analysis is quick, painless and completely non-invasive, using four electrodes placed on the body: no needles or bloodwork required.

Weight Loss – Having difficulty losing weight? This simple weight loss program was designed by health professionals that focus on improving "Foundational Health" supporting the body's natural metabolic functions allowing effective and sustainable weight loss and fat reduction!

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